Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Straits St Pk, MI

Retracing much of his route to the northwest, Morty reverberated to the southeast reaching repose in Straits State Park overlooking the Mackinaw bridge.

We passed a couple on bikes about 30 miles out from our destination. I remember them because one had a Meijer traffic yellow vest on. I was surprised when they took the campsite across from ours.

We parked next to a friendly couple from Ann Arbor, who told me about the secret bike route into the town of St. Ignace -- one that avoided the most severe hills. That was great, but it still had me in the granny gears that I hadn't used in years. From the town, the view of Macinaw Island and the Grand Hotel was superb. When I got back, he was ready with packed of brochures on all about getting to and exploring the island.

He recommended a campground in Tawas City, which we will make tomorrows alternated destination since it is 160 miles down Route 23. If that proves too far, we will stop at Alpena which is right at the 99 mile benchmark.

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