Friday, September 18, 2009

On to Dearborn

Friday dawned cloudy and cooler, so Morty drove a bit further to be in position to spend Saturday joining up with an old friend at the Henry Ford. We made it to the Dearborn area around 3PM as the skies cleared and temperature rose.  We even switched on the cab air conditioner for the last few miles.

We picked the closest campground which turned out to be the Wayne County Fairgrouns. The first drawback was that they were hosting a couple of dog shows and had only 20 amp sites available -- no problem, it wasn't hot enough to require the coach air conditioning. The deal that wasn't mentioned was that they are improving the road around the campground, grading and rolling the dirt/stone mixture. Most likely only a small inconvenience, except that they started this process at 7PM, and are still at it as of this writing -- 9:45 PM -- HUH?

We meet our friend at 10 at the Henry Ford. Should be fun.

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