Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ionia Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday night was clear for sky photography with a nearly full bright moon that overpowered a lot of the other things to see. I did get a couple of decent pictures, one with a little meteor streaming through the shot.
Today we hiked the woods, and just experienced the perfection of  this place. We rode our bikes downhill the couple of blocks to pay for the second night, and Lynne returned, while I rode on halfway around the lake to the beach. The hike around the southeast quadrant of the lake was unusual because we saw almost no birds or animals except for a family of mute swans on the lake. This was nearly two hours, out and back. Of course the fact that we set out at high noon, when most forest critters are on siesta could have been a factor. We went as far as the destroyed bridge over Sessions Creek. Although we could have forded the creek on stepping-stones and bridge fragments, there would have been over two more miles to go vs. the one mile of return. The most interesting pics were of the fungi.
Then just the old routine, of recliners in partial shade until the wine and cheese tasting, followed by showers, and a light dinner. We walked the campground at sunset, and noted that nearly half of yesterday's population had departed for other venues.
The new pics are in the same Ionia folder as before.
The nest two destinations look like Muskegon, and Orchard Beach:

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