Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Indian Lake, MI

We want to head North from Cheboygan, right over the Mackinaw Straits Bridge, but our navigator lady says to head South.  After many fretful minutes, I finally discover that she is avoiding tolls. Since we were hitting so many of them on the prior trip to Oshkosh -- going through Chicago -- I had “optimized” her instructions. So now, instead of arriving at 2PM, she was assuming we wanted to take the long way around Lake Michigan and arrive at 2AM – not exactly how my program was reading. Once that little instruction was rescinded she and I were on the same page.

We stopped for lunch in Mackinaw City. Lynne had wanted to try a pastie – a local specialty she had been encountering in her reading -- and so went with the beef variety. It was okay, but I really don’t see how every restaurant, from there to here in Thompson – 90 miles --on the UP, justifies proclaiming that they have PASTIES in four-foot high letters! Maybe the one we tried was sub-par. It was in town, and the sign for “pasties” was only one foot high. Some judgments, I’m just not qualified to make.

After a fairly long drive to Indian Lake – the one in The Land to the North, not in Ohio – we arrived at the State Park only to find them closed early for the season to do some construction. So we drove around the lake to the first commercial campground. We found a nice one, with about the same costs, but more amenities – not including huge state park grounds. So, I am doing some laundry while writing this. And the real Wi-Fi will make it much easier to upload and edit the new blog that I’m working on to incorporate most of these emails.

Next objective: heading further north to Lake Superior.

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