Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Henry Ford

Morty took us to the Henry Ford Museum on Saturday. This was the second time there in 49 years for Jim. The only things remembered from the first trip were the big trains, and the camping vehicles -- oh, and the breaking away moment of that first trip without family. How's that for fading memories. Maybe this time the pictures will help the memories more.

One of the more evocative displays was the street car -- "Rappy" -- like the one I rode with my mom from Shaker to Downtown Cleveland. Usually they ran a more modern version, but during rush hour the older models were used. One time separation anxiety set in when I exited on the way home and Mom was blocked by standing passengers. She rang the bell on the cord frantically to get the driver to stop again.

After a brief visit with our friend, we drove a little over an hour to Lakeside, OH and East Harbor State Park. We did little after that, except for a little wine and cheese followed by a bite of dinner.

Hope I don't get flagged for excessive uploading with this batch of pictures.

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