Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Muskegon State Park

On Wednesday, September 2, 2009 Morty motored on to Muskegon where he found another state park campground right on the inlet to the Bay from Lake Michigan. Another intensely beautiful venue! We walked down to the beach on the Bay from our campsite, and found that it connected to the inlet and more than a mile of walkway on the break- water.
We saw lots of ducks and swans and people fishing from the docks and boats. The biggest surprise was a big fish that was in the jaws of an eel or snake jumping out of the water in an apparent attempt to free itself from a death lock. Four jumps was about it before the ferry from Milwaukee plowed through the inlet disrupting everything in its path.
Wine and cheese was out in the 5 o'clock sun in the recliners. Then a couple of calls to check up on the family. Luckily we decided to dine inside Morty. By the time we had finished we had a mini-swarm if fruit flies on the screen door. No small testament to the culinary skills of the chef. After dinner the moonrise was also spectacular, during which a lake-going barge weighed anchor and got pushed by its tug across the bay and out the inlet.
Tomorrow we may push on to Orchard Beach, or not.
The pictures tell most of the story.

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