Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indian Lake, MI

We are spending a day relaxng and enjoying the perfect weather, or doing laundry, depending on your point of view.

It's pretty interesting to see the stream of campers coming in to give this lady a big end of season boost -- all due to the construction in the state park across the lake.

We also enjoyed the Wi-Fi to get the old emails into the blog. Also turned out to be a fairly active day of trading stocks and options with just eight days to go until the expiration of the September contracts. Was glad to have the fast data connection for that, it would have made me crazy trying to do it all over the cell phone.

Tomorrow, we head for Van Riper state park, about 90 miles to the northwest. When I looked on-line, it said all but two sites were already reserved, so I paid the crummy reservation fee again, and repeated it for the next night at McClain on Lake Superior.

At least, we will be all fresh and clean now.

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