Monday, September 07, 2009

Petoskey Stones

Maybe we are the last to know, but Petoskey is famous for its stones! This is one of a very few places, where you can walk the beach and find stones made up of coral animals that lived millions of years ago. Every winter, the storms and ice push up a new load of the beauties onto the beaches of Little Traverse Bay right at the  shoreline of Petoskey.
The stones are hard to find, because the markings are very subtle, but when they are wet, they are a little bit more pronounced. The most sought after are honey-comb patterns of hexagonal organisms. But you can also find random fossils from the same period of various shapes and sizes.
Lynne and I spent several hours Monday morning looking for said stones, without a bit of luck. A couple of ladies from Toledo took pity on me and each gave me one of her lesser finds. So I need to photograph them and put the results up for you to see.

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