Thursday, September 17, 2009

East Tawas City

Stayed for another day -- it's just too pretty and comfortable. Had the 99 cent breakfast at Mulligans: two eggs and bacon strips with toast -- wow! Went biking through town and found the forest on the north side. Then found the road out to the point where the Coast Guard and lighthouse are situated. This put the bike miles on this trip well over 100. Got some pretty good pictures with my little camera.

The pavement painters came through in the late afternoon for the campgrounds roads. We got a straight ahead arrow in front of us and a left turn arrow behind us right into our side. Might be time to leave, before someone follows the second arrow literally.

Had dinner at Ginii's again: pork chops and fish and chips -- excellent and very reasonable again. Walking back to the campground, we noticed the gulls all over the beach suddenly get agitated and take off. Then we look up and see a huge blur through the gap in the trees. Then a moment later it comes back and, wow, bald eagle. Got a picture, not a great one but finally something to remember it by.

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