Thursday, September 01, 2011

In All Things: Google Docs (and Apple)

When I moved to the MacBook several years ago, I also decided to try out Open Office for document work, especially spreadsheets. I keep a daily updated track of my investment results, to assure that I'm not wasting time and effort for deficient results. Up until today, Open Office was an adequate solution, but when I needed to move a spreadsheet column, it just didn't have any way that I could find to do that, and cutting an pasting destroyed the formula linkage.

So, with all the good stuff Google has come up with lately, I was ready to give Google documents a try. Sure enough, dragging and dropping formula-populated columns works perfectly. I also tested using some complex formulas, and again, they worked just as perfectly as the full price product from M$. The huge side-benefit is that your document is (automagically) stored in your Google cloud, where it is accessible from wherever you are on the net. Yet another nail in the coffin of "you get what you pay for."

If you have been wondering about trying Google Docs for your needs, I can give it my highest recommendation.

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