Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Automotive Options

Old timers will remember the process of optioning-out a new car. There was, for example a $7.83 right-side mirror as well as radio, heater, and tinted windows. Gradually those things got combined into "packages" of options that went together, lessening the impact of optioning. Today, factory options, except for the really exotic, can be nearly extinct. Still, I was recently asked what options were on our new Fit.

There were "dealer-installed" options available, like a $250 cargo net for the rear [what?]. But as it came from the factory, the car we bought had no options at all. It still included air conditioning, power everything except seats but including mirrors -- even the right-outside, and a sound system that plays music right off a computer thumb-drive. But the Base [as opposed to the Sport] Fit, includes all the factory "options" that the average buyer wants or needs. This approach probably reduces overall costs for everyone, while increasing customer satisfaction and dealer effeciency. And, it is something I am in favor of.

2012 Honda Fit - Specifications - Official Site

See full features and specs of the 2012 Honda Fit at the Official Honda Website. View engineering, dimensions, EPA mileage estimates and measurements specifications.

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