Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the coldest October I can remember. Can someone please ask Al Gore what is going on with our global warming? The new sandals are still working for me. This evening's forecast is for below freezing temperatures. We are still about a week away from heading out on our next trip -- which will be to warmer weather. So this meant that it was time to inject the anti-freeze in Morty's plumbing.

I got the water drained with no problem, setting the master control valves to the tank-fill position. Then I placed the anti-freeze bottle into position and turned on the pump. It promptly sucked in my entire supply of two and a half gallons. Holy Smokes, there isn't that much piping in there! Then it occurred to me that not setting the valves to the winterize position meant that the pink stuff was going into the water tank. So I headed out to the store to get a couple of gallons more. On the way back, it further occurred to me that all I had to do was pump the water tank through the kitchen faucet back into the empty bottles, and all would be not-too-bad.

So now Morty is ready for the cold, and my supply of pink anti-freeze is up to the three and half gallon mark. It will be so nice to be following the Sun soon.

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