Monday, October 12, 2009

Slate Run Farm Metro Park

Slate Run Farm Metro Park provided a nice splash of fall color with a little atmosphere from 19th century farming. I was actually looking for the Pickerington Ponds park, but went the wrong way on Gender Rd. (The Prius has many of the metro parks in her five-year-old nav system, but not the Ponds.)

This made for a very enjoyable afternoon. The farm had authentic canning and smoking facilities with a staff of very dedicated re-enactors tending to the chores and animals. Realistic too -- I almost made it passed the slopping of the hogs, without gagging. There were even freshly laundered clothes drying on the line. How bizarre is it to get all worked up about travelling to some distant place to see these things when so many folks have them in their own back yards?

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