Friday, October 09, 2009

Sandals -- not just for summer anymore

The sandals that served me for the summer have come apart with the coming of the autumnal equinox. This was my first experience with sandals since toddler days. I was surprised at how healthy and fit they made my feet, and was a little distressed to see them fail so soon. Actually, the fact that they cost less than $10 should have been warning enough  -- or maybe I should not have assumed that they would be fine for hiking through the surf.

So I was interested to get an email announcing lifetime free shipping from , the internet shoe retailer. I took a look at their offerings, and found a good looking replacement in the $45 price range. In a color combination that defies description, "Mud/Squash" Columbia Sandals. Certainly a lot more expensive, but still reasonable if they are a relatively more durable.

They arrived in two days, and I am amazed at how supportive and comfortable they are compared to my old ones. The fit is noticeably improved, and I am more confident that I won't trip because they might get snagged on some protrusion.  Even though the temperature and weather here has plunged into the 40s and rainies, I haven't worn anything else, except for my work-outs. And I think the health benefits are actually superior to  the cheapies. Now I begin to wonder about how cold will it get before I give in and give them a rest.

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