Friday, October 30, 2009

Back on the Road Again

After five weeks of tending to the administrivia at home, Morty headed southeast for some sun and surf. He was a little balky about getting loaded again, consequently it was three PM before the big wheels were a turnin'.

A small giltch was also encountered that could have added to the delay -- the electric step was stuck in the closed position. Upon inspection though, it was determined that a yellow birch leaf was interfering with the magnetic sensor. This little gizmo can tell when the door opens and sends the step out to meet our feet. It's just a little difficult to envision just how sensitive it must be if a freshly fallen leaf can trick it into missing the comings and goings of the door.

We took the route to the North Carolina shore that we used to travel twice a year, but this time due to the late start we made it to only the half-way point -- Wyethville, VA. We will spend the night in the Flying J parking lot and get an early start in the morning. As usually reckoned, this was a 333 mile day -- something that is necessary when there is a window of only three weeks or so for tripping. We are aiming for our first destination of Wilmington, NC -- the next big city south of our old haunts at Atlantic Beach.

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