Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carolina Beach State Park

After yesterday's clear moon-lit drive, Morty sloshed through miserable cold, showers and fog all the way from Weythville's 7 AM departure until we were just outside of Wilmington around 2 PM. Another 300 mile day, but then the skies cleared and it warmed up into the 80s. Almost too good to be true.

The campground is only about 10% filled, and this on Halloween. I guess we'll have no goblin parades here tonight, unlike some Michigan campgrounds. We are on the intracoastal side of the island, but it is just a short bike ride to the ocean side. Seniors get $5 off the $18 nightly camping fee, but you have to make your own electricity. Only five of the North Carolina's campgrounds provide elcectricity, and only one of those is in the coastal region -- something to think about for summer camping. We are nestled in amongst 100 foot tall pines, and tomorrow the park rangers will be teaching us about snakes.

Lynne and I biked the park grounds, and found the hiking path for the Venus Fly-Catcher plant. Afterwords, I biked across the island to check out the boardwalk and beach along with the beach town garishness of the off-season.

Tomorrow Morty will be back on his 99 mile schedule with a trip to Myrtle Beach State Park. We are hoping this good weather holds despite the forecast of rain. The South Carolina state parks seem to have electricity and ocean-front living -- a couple of things that are increasingly important.

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