Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wash and Scrub

Morty got a good wash outside and in thanks to the fine weather in the 50s. But he also had to have his antifreeze injection thanks to the cold nights in the 30s. Thankfully, this time we had the tank fill valve closed and the plumbing took only a gallon of the pink stuff.

Thanksgiving morning was a four mile walk in the Flying Feather 4 Miler in Dublin. We walked and fininshed well in the rear, but at least before the course was closed. Our reward was a bottle of reisling wine that proved to be especially good (for a reisling) at dinner later. Thanksgiving dinner was with friends in Marysville and a real masterpiece of culinary delight. We were joined by their family and friends from Florida so the occasion was especially meaningful. Got a rather pleasant assignment to bring cameras and come back for Christmas Eve for some photos of the grandchildren.

Speaking of cameras, Santa wanted to save some money in the frenzy of black Friday and cyber Monday, and so ordered me a new compact camera with a larger than typical sensor. Ken Rockwell again has an extremely powerful recommendation: the Canon S90 -- should be here this week. It did take a pretty significant savings opportunity to make me realize just how many problems I've been having with my pocket Pentax Optio Wpi that would be instantly cured with a bigger lens and sensor. Low light "grab" shots should soon be a significantly larger portion of the posted photos on this site.

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