Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morty Makes the Turn

Morty was excited to pack in all our toys this evening. He knows that in 900 miles he will be back in his turtle nest getting fresh oil and and a checkup. This will probably be a hard driving scenario since further review shows that most of our previous stops require two day minimum stays.  And, the weather is deteriorating in relationship to the distance traveled north.

So we were thinking three 300 miles days but will more likely be looking at two 450 mile days. Some things just don't want to be kept waiting -- like that inevitable mountain of mail. At least the temperatures along the way are warm enough that we won't have to use the anti-freeze in the plumbing during the trip.

The drive was so smooth and easy that we did it all in one shot on Friday -- all 860 miles. Maybe we're not quite as old as the calendar says yet.

The only regret is that the ocean is so far away from the turtle nest...

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