Thursday, November 12, 2009

Georgia -- Land of Economic Enlightenment

With a forecast of clouds and cold, Morty wanted to take the opportunity to move further south. The first choice was Hunting Beach State Park only ten miles away as the little turtle swims, but a 90 mile trip on roads suited to Morty's massive paws. Probably not worth the effort in terms of degrees of warmth.

The second option was Skidaway Island State Park in Georgia -- about 130 miles. And, when we looked it up on the internets, there was no extra charge for making a reservation. And wonders of all wonders: the reservation could be made for today! Obviously the good folks that run the Department of Natural Resources here understand that online reservations are to be encouraged since they shift the workload from the paid staff to the paying customer -- a win-win for everybody. The customer wants the security of a reservation, just not at a price in excess his own labor and connectivity. When we arrived, our information was already in the system, we were issued our documents, and off we went to pick our site. Incredibly smooth and efficient. A lesson in Reb ingenuity and sound economics that might well instruct Michigan and the Carolinas.

The understanding of economics here also extends to the senior discount. Over 62? Okay, you get a discount. No residency requirement. No Golden Buckeye Card. Simple. It works and it drives business to Georgia that is passing up Ohio, Michigan and South Carolina -- to name a few states in our experience.

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