Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long Walk on the Beach in the Rain

Today is a rain day, thanks once again to our new friend Ida. The morning was devoted to working the stock and option markets, and watching a fair and comely blond pack up the biggest RV you can get. She had a pretty rare and expensive full-length slide-out, which was not retracting properly. As a result she was having to get out and man-handle it in the rain. After numerous tries, she finally wheeled on out flapping the reins haltingly. I guess Lynne didn't want to go out to help, so neither did I.

After lunch, I put on my Cabela's Gore-Tex rain jacked and walked for a couple of miles up the beach toward the creek outlet. I picked this jacket, and one like it for Lynne at the Wisconsin Cabela's in August on the way back from Oshkosh. Since this was the first full-rain test of this garment, I was curious as to how it would perform. The rain was steady and hard enough that I had it fully sealed up -- zipped all the way up, hood drawn tight, and sleeves extending down to mid-finger length. Well, it was pretty outstanding. No rain got in. All the body water vapor got out, along with any heat build-up. And, there was plenty of room for additional layers, if it were colder. All in all, I couldn't be happier ... in the jacket sphere.

Past the campground, the beach blends right into the salt marsh which is about a quarter mile wide before human habitation appears. In this area there were signs warning against human or dog interference with the nesting seabirds. While a few egrets were evident, the population seemed drastically reduced compared to the smaller marsh at Huntington Beach. Part of that is probably attributable to the fact that the reported rate of dog illiteracy in these parts is high compared to what you find further north.

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