Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shelburne Museum

Spent the entire day finishing up the sights at the Shelburne Museum.

My Oh My! This product of Electra Havermeyer Webb is something to behold. She, the daughter of a sugar trust baron, married into the Vanderbilt fortune, and the rest is still here to see, and then some. "Remarkable" doesn't do it justice.

The Monets and Degases were super.

For Barbara, the quilts are wonderful, and mostly included in the pics, but the ladies who know say that the Dear Jane quilt is in theBennington, VT Museum -- much closer to you, but may still be a stop for us.

We most enjoyed the blacksmith, who taught us way more about the craft than we ever thought we wanted to know. I held a hook for him while he used a punch to make a hole in it. And Lynne cooled it off in the soak tub. He gave it to us as a souvenir.

The new pics are attached to the end of yesterday's Shelburne Museum folder.

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