Friday, June 19, 2009

Quechee, VT

Said goodby to Steve, Mary, Julia and Dan.

We set out looking for an artist's colony. Maybe in Cornish NH? No luck.

Stopped in Vermont, near Quechee Gorge. Nice scenery. Bought some touristy maple, wine and fudge products.

Swam some laps in a pool which was heated earlier in the day. Brrrr.

Hooked up to cable tv for the first time. Couldn't find the right plug on the RV. Some work-campers, came over and helped find the right plug in the water hook-up compartment. Huh? Campground business is really quite sloe. Cable quality now is inferior to digital over-the-air. Oh well!

Dined on lean cuisine and steamer -- out of the freezer and into the micro. Washed down with VT wine from Chile.

Pics of the gorge are up.

Morty moves further West tomorrow -- I guess.

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