Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coles Creek, NY

Morty headed back to New York on Sunday midday. First North through the Champlain Islands. Eschewing the ferry, which we had been watching in duplicate every 12 minutes. The homes, and inns on these islands are very cozy and homey without overwhelming. Didn’t check the prices to avoid disillusionment.

Then West through the Adirondacks. Lots of forest farms and tiny villes. The wind farm at the crest was especially impressive. Maybe several hundred of the biggy wind turbines, with only one evidently out of service.

Destination: Waddington, NY’s Coles Creek State Park on the St. Lawrence. One of the longest rivers at about 760 miles. Travel distance for us: about 130 miles. Lots of good waterfront spaces, without reservation. Must be another benefit of the recession. The trees were especially striking, as the pics attest. Now we can see Canada from our front porch as well as our TV.

No phone or internet at this campground, so a little more attention goes into writing the update, and choosing the pics for upload at a later date. Hope you like it.

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