Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cornerbrook, Labrador Newfoundland

Cornerbrook, Labrador Newfoundland is the port on Thursday of our first week. There was a little ceremony in the Starlight lounge as city and port officials presented a plaque to the captain, and he reciprocated with the ship’s plaque. It must be that Cornerbrook is beginning to see itself as a regular cruise destination.

We sampled the offerings of the city by riding the shuttle bus from the dock. It took us to an antique store that featured flotsam and jetsam – as Lynne says, a less than auspicious beginning. And things improved a little with the second stop at a little park on the river. The third stop was to a shopping mall. The research said that we might easily find some art galleries, but no one told that to the shuttle planner.

As a result, we have some photos of the paper mill and a few trees that are starting to assume their autumn hues. Other than that, we say farewell to fair Cornerbrook. May all your future cruise passengers be more enthralled than we.

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