Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chautauqua NY

Morty is again headed to New Hampshire for a family gathering. This time we knew where the good stops were to be found and made it to one of the better rest stops we have ever seen. We are right on Lake Chautauqua in an idyllic setting, even if it was dark before we arrived. We have free WiFi and that alone is pretty remarkable. Hope to get some pictures in the morning.

We drove through the most awful swarm of tiny bugs we have ever seen  midges. Morty's white front-end was turned a pretty solid shade of brown. Scrubbing the windshield at the gas station couldn't rid him of all the remains there, not to mention the cab-over bunk and the bumper and headlights. Hopefully we will encounter some good Thursday rains to do the job scrubbing could not.

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