Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas

This morning in Choke Canyon we were faced with a weather front that impacted our travel plans. Coming in from the West were rain, storms and cold. We had been thinking of taking a small chunk going North to Garner State Park but that would have been into worse weather. Then we considered heading way South to Lake Casa Blanca, but that would have thrown us off our progress plan. That pretty much left heading West on a 200 mile chunk that theoretically would take us through the worst of the weather into the desert and near the Rio Grande -- specifically to Seminole Canon State Park.

Experiencing life in the desert has always been a fascination of mine and now I am there at last. We can see Mexico from our front porch. We can also see the prehistoric caves and shelters going back 6000 years or more where man stampeded buffalo off cliffs to their deaths. Rain has been a factor here yesterday and earlier today, but the dryness of the ground and plants is abundantly evident.

The ranger station has a very nice museum describing the history of the site. We had time to walk around a little and get some scenery pictures. Also needed time to wash Morty again, since in driving through the rain, he accumulated half of south Texas on his shell. Small milestone of the trip: we went past 2000 miles today. Facilities at Seminole Canyon are surprisingly good --  modern restrooms; also the campsites all have free WiFi internet which works very well. Word of caution: the park is 60 miles or 45 miles from food and fuel.

Tonight we are getting a pretty good rain that will probably keep us indoors until it lets up some. Also we are getting a pretty good lightning and thunder show. And the temperature is dropping from the mid-sixties of the afternoon to probably the forties. It will be interesting to see how our weather avoidance tactics play out.

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