Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goose Island State Park,Texas

Morty headed North to Goose from Mustang this morning around 9 am. The wait for the ferry was only a couple of minutes. This time Morty got a front row seat, two actually, because of his being horizontally challenged.

More helpful and smiley State Park Rangers here. I should have mentioned that at Mustang, the gate guard wanted to know if she could write down our license tag for us to take into the desk ranger. I mean how much more helpful could they possibly be?

There is no beach to speak of here on Aransas Bay. Our bay front site is on a seawall but we have an absolutely magnificent view of the bay on one side and the marshes with tons of seabirds on the other. On my first stroll down the site loop, I'm pretty sure I got a picture of another Roseate Spoonbill. Now I'm hoping for a Whooping Crane. Actually got a pair and a pair of brown-headed pintail ducks.

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