Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oak Grove Park

RV Genie Pays a Visit to Mortimer! Overnight the furnace repaired itself and was working fine to take the chill off for breakfast. We're glad it doesn't need immediate repairs, but wonder how strange it would be if our furnace had some aversion to the cold.

The Oak Grove Park campground we are in is different from all others we have experienced to date. It is restricted to the military and sponsored guests. It is small -- only 45 sites on a mile and a half of beachfront. The bathhouse is nicer than any we have ever experienced -- finished in ceramic tile and impervious plastic, heated and probably air conditioned, and clean -- twice a day clean; hospital clean! Although the camp is full, it is quieter than you could ever expect. The coin laundry room is locked -- you must sign out a key from the office. Another restriction we have never before seen: No metal detectors allowed. We are happy campers -- but quiet and unobrusive guests.

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