Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Toy for Google Voice -- OBi110

While we have been extremely satisfied with Google Voice phone service, I couldn't resist a new product which promised to kick it up several levels. I'm talking about the OBI110 analog telephone adapter (ATA).

This little box is only three inches across, but functions much like your own private phone company. It provides much improved voice clarity and features that would cost at least $40 per month from AT&T. It may be out of stock currently, but was selling for $50 when I ordered from Amazon a week ago.

The other features that are really interesting include:

Connects to an existing land line which can be used according to how you dial the phone or program the OBi. Incoming calls on the land line can be programmed to ring distinctively to minimize the intrusion of robo-calls.

Connects to up to two internet telephone providers, which in my case are both Google Voice. My new number is 614 859 9385 in addition to the existing 614 859 9365.

Allows three-way and call waiting. Also provides caller ID.

Most importantly for us, it eliminates the need to use the computer to dial calls, and restores full functionality to your cordless phones.

While it is almost plug and play, there are still enough potential sticking points, that I recommend it only for nerds and hackers, or at least those with friends who qualify as such. But for those, the verdict is Highly Recommended.

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