Sunday, February 20, 2011

Any spare change?

As we dined at a Little Rock McDonalds, a dude at the next table asked “Any spare change?” No was my reply, (if I can't use a credit card with rebates, I really don't want to do business.) A little later, he asked another guy, with similar economics training, the same question but this fellow offered to buy him something to eat -- in this case a large fry and a chicken sandwich. But just then the store's computer crashed and they couldn't sell anything. So this good Samaritan voluntered to run next door to Wendy's to fill the dude's order, which he did, bringing it back to the McDonalds. He comments that he knows what it's like to have to do without, and then takes his leave. Then before the dude begins to partake alone, the manager, perhaps seeing a golden opportunity to move a freeloader along, comes around to tell him that he can't eat “that” in “here.”

So what happens next? Does the dude a) take the meal outside? b) give the manager a little lip about how this would have been a McDonald's meal except for the fact that they could not sell it due to their computer crash? or c) throw the unopened food into the trash and return to his seat?

Hint: No good deed goes unpunished.

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