Saturday, June 26, 2010

New England

On Friday, Morty set out to take us to New England on an encore trip to visit Jim's sisters and family. The first leg was about 300 miles, to western New York where we got on the so-called Southern Tier Expressway. We stopped for the night in Seneca/ Iroquois country in a tiny travel plaza where we were shocked by a temperature drop into the 40s from the daytime 90s.

From there we drove another 300 miles or so to Cooperstown where se stayed on a campground that was part of a working farm. The surprise here was the little zoo that had many varieties of exotic fowl including peacocks. The Cooperstown Family Campground is a quaint locale, with hayrides, and some kid-oriented activities. We found it in the AAA camp guide and it cost us about $25 per night on the credit card. We approached this stop from the South and thereby missed the tiny one-stop-light town itself. We hope to get a brief tour on Sunday aas we continue with the third drive-day.

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