Sunday, June 27, 2010

Henniker, NH

On Sunday, Morty takes us through the main street of Cooperstown, where we drive past the Baseball Hall of Fame. We stop at the library where there is both an art show and book sale going on -- unfortunately, only the book sale is open -- Jim was interested in seeing some of the paintings. Then we tried to find the local Belgian ale brewery, but were a little off in our navigations. Even Miss Garmina couldn't locate County Road 33. Since Google had no problem with it, we obviously need either an iPad or Android phone to provide supplemental navigation assistance.

We did have another 300 mile day ahead of us though, so we had to be putting down some rubber on the road. Lynne needed a birthday card so we stopped at a WalMart and tried to get some McDonald's value menu items in the store. Seems that in these parts the value menu only has side salad and parfait -- everything else is full-price plus. So we drove a mile further down the road to where the free-standing McD took pretty good care of our needs. Someone had mentioned that you could get a McDouble with Mac sauce and it was a tasty bargain -- so I was going to give that a try. Sure enough it was done,  but glancing at the receipt revealed that it added $0.49 for one sauce and increased the price of both sandwiches, even the regular one, by and extra $0.39. Adding in the two extra miles [$2] we drove Morty on that extension, and it pretty much wipes out the savings from not eating from the regular inflated menu in the WalMart. Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet can be very educational.

In Henniker, we checked into the Mile Away Campground and found it to be quite well run. Only a couple of negatives that are somewhat important to us: a pool that is not designed for swimming, it is only 2 to 4 feet deep, and showers that eat quarters and are short on hooks and seats. On the plus side, the WiFi is exceedingly Fi. Tomorrow we need to top off our propane tank, and then head for the family get-together.

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