Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seven Springs Travel Park

New Port Richey is the locale for this RV campground. This is an experience: no credit cards or checks, and you must bring correct change for your $30.52 nightly fee. When I heard that on the phone, I thought it was someone's private little joke, but no, that is exactly how business is done here. There is WiFi but an extra $3. There is trash recycling, but the containers are so far away and the rules so complex that none but the heartiest walk it. There is a security gate, but it only keeps out things bigger than a car. At least the hookups seem to work.

We seem to be at the beginning of several days of slow rain, so that has us all in a bit of a funk. Morty though is warm and dry with the help of the A/C running for the hour-long trip from Lakeland. The freeways were a little slick and there were multiple-vehicle accidents dotting the route. Seems like the first snow back home.

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