Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Periwinkle RV, Sanibel Island, FL

Morty helped me finally experience Sanibel Island today. We are in a park that is so dominant that it can refuse dogs and credit cards and still charge $45 per night. That includes good WiFi and adequate restroom facilities. The sites are a little compact, but most are separated by mature trees. The park also includes a bird refuge for mostly ex-pets that never learned to fly. It is a little sad to see these magnificent birds get around with only their beaks and legs -- feathers and wings are just ornaments.

We explored the beach for a couple of miles, and found a some pretty shells that might be keepers. Also saw some huge blue craB shells, and some very strange plants that look like snakes on the beach.Thanks to Tootie for the comment that these are probably tube worm casings.

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Tootie said...

Enjoyed looking at your photos. :) I love the birds at Periwinkle Park. My favorites are the Moluccan Cockatoos. I think dogs wouldn't be good at the park because of the wildlife living there. The things you mentioned seeing on the beach were probably mangrove seed pods, if they were green and brown color. If more light colored and paper looking, it was tubeworm casings that wash up on shore a lot.

Enjoy our beautiful weather here. :)