Saturday, June 02, 2012

Cumberland Falls St Pk KY

Turning West off of I75, we filled up in Corbin, only $3.30 per gallon. That was a refreshing 35 cents lower than what we were used to. On to Cumberland Falls, about 15 more miles of very hilly forest road. Quite a few spots available for the first weekend in June, I'd say. Many spots to rent horses and canoes for the adventurous. Very lucky to have an extension cord of 30 amps to reach the outlet on the wrong side of the site.

The major highlight is the weather. We thought it important to get South out from under the rain clouds, and were rewarded with a splendid mix of high puffy clouds, sun and 72 degrees. About as perfect as anyone needs. Kicking back for the rest of the day...

Cumberland Falls State Park, Kentucky

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