Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A New Stroganoff Horizon

Lynne has been making an excellent hamburger Stroganoff since the days of  being an impoverished student. She can just about whip it up blindfolded. Today, remembering my mother's success in moving up the Stroganoff ladder, I suggested we try an upscale version.

Google's first match was "Beef Stroganoff III" on The ratings were extremely positive, and suggested almost no revisions. This version is notable in that it calls for chuck roast rather than sirloin, and this would generate quite a cost savings compared to moving higher up the beef periodic table.  This sounded like all we wanted for this step up, so we got the shopping list together and put the plan into motion. We followed the script to the letter substituting only canola oil for the stick of butter for health reasons. Next time we will probably add a clove or two of garlic. We had a little left-over brown rice that we warmed in the serving bowl in the microwave. Served with a salad, this was an outstanding meal, and a very pleasant variation from our usual. Clean-up was simple too, in that we had only the one pot that the hamburger version would have required. Highly recommended.

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