Friday, November 05, 2010

Apple MacBook Air

We were fascinated with the new and improved notebook computer from Apple. The compromises were few, and the price quite competitive. We tried it out in the local store and were even more impressed.

There are several stand-out features once you get beyond the small size and light weight: full-sized keyboard on the small 11" model, faster flash memory in place of a mechanical hard drive, beautiful very sharp screen, quiet because of no fan, not hot on your lap.

We ordered the small model, with the minimum processor and main memory of 2 gigabytes, but with the mid-range storage of 128 gigabytes. This is the first computer I have ever ordered with such minimum power but I figured that with the flash storage in place of a hard drive there would be speed benefits that would enhance the performance of the processor and memory, and it turns out that this is true, and "in spades".

Earlier today I loaded about 8,000 pictures from my desktop computer, while I was downloading an office software suite, and surfing the net, all on the MBA. Performance was easily the equal of a far more powerful (and hot and noisy and more expensive) machine. Needless to say, I am thrilled with this unit. As a result, I am even more convinced that this is a computer that does not have to be loaded up with processor and main memory options. This is a very nice change indeed from my iPod experience. Here is what Walt Mossberg says. Very extremely highly recommended.

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