Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kindle Overcomes My Attention Deficit

There are more than enough reviews of the Kindle, both old and new. But there is one aspect that has not been covered yet: using the Text to Speech [TTS] for the attention-challenged among us. I became attracted to eReaders because they helped me read a lot more than I was previously just by virtue of their usefulness on exercise machines. I could read even regular books in that environment but the ebooks were much easier to handle in active mode. And, that was just using the kindle program on the iPod. This is how I discovered Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many other authors that I was never able to finish before.

Then I got the Kindle 3 with TTS -- something that was lacking in the iPad implementations. While I have a couple of issues with how the TTS voice handles paragraph breaks [usually speeding up instead of pausing], I now find that I can sit and read without losing attention by having the voice on. Now, minor distractions that previously might have caused a stop in my reading are handled easily while the voice continues on and my attention returns. Voila, not falling asleep or putting the book down for some other triviality.

If you want to read more than you have been able to, this is something you must look into.

Incidently, since the Kindle can automatically post my highlights and comments to Facebook and Twitter, you can find a little more of me there now.

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