Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Desert Hot Springs, California

Morty selected Twenty-nine Palms as our next destination. As we arrived though, we thought we better drive on by for a little reconnaissance since it didn't look like a lot to see or do. It later turned out that a Winter Storm Advisory was in the offing. After a bite of lunch, we elected to drive an hour more to Desert Hot Springs at a lower elevation, and of course, hot springs feeding the swimming pools. The photos are of the drive. Lynne took most of them with the Canon S90. We had a short drive on I-40 and a longer leg on Route 66. We came to Amboy which had a Post Office and a gas station and otherwise was desert. Lynne almost didn't believe it was operational but figured the pick-up time on the mail box out front never lies.

We picked Sky Valley Resort from the AAA Campbook. This resort is mostly park model trailers permantly moored. We are between two such units, and only passed a few mobile units in going to and from the pool and clubhouse area. The pools are very impressive. I got my half mile in during a light rain in one, and soaked in a whirlpool. There are about seven swimming and whirlpools in the clubhouse area closest to us. Each has a thermometer in the deck showing the water temperature. The water comes out of the ground at 115 degrees and the pools I sampled range from about 85 to 100. The showers are in the pool area and have lockers and soap everywhere. Some of the showers are even mineral water. Our first time discount was 20% so we are paying $30 per night. The WiFi is great, but the Sprint is on roam and only in the clubhouse.

Tomorrow, we are crossing the highway to meet a high school friend who spends February here every year getting away from Alaska.

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