Saturday, December 26, 2009

Low Light Canon S90 vs. Nikon D90

The Canon S90 is a new model camera with a large sensor and lens. This means that it gives some great results in low light without flash or a lot of pushing the ISO sensitivity. Here are some samples from Christmas Eve:

shutter: 1/60; opening: f/2.0; ISO: Auto 2500

From Fern Monty Xmas

shutter: 1/60; opening: f/2.0; ISO auto 2000

From Fern Monty Xmas

Here for comparison is a sample from my Nikon D90 -- a camera with about 10 times the mass of the Canon. This could have been improved by setting shutter priority to 1/60, but I didn't have the time to experiment or think about what made sense when the S90 was getting the job done automatically. 

shutter 1/10; opening: f4.2; ISO: 1600

From Fern Monty Xmas

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