Sunday, July 05, 2009

Leaving Letchworth

Happy Independence Day, all.

Friday morning, we slept in, moseyed on back to the Glen Iris House restaurant for lunch, watched the staff prepare for another wedding, and then decided, rather that tangle with the holiday weekend campground throng, we would head for home with a stop inDamascus to check in on Lynne's mom -- who is looking marvelous.

We saw more deer on this trip than any other, probably because we went so late into the evening. Sadly, no pictures of this day. Lynne did her share of the driving on a couple of legs. We were amazed to find the price of gas just inside the Ohio border to be 40 cents cheaper that our last NY fill up. We monitored the progress of the corn crop with some amazement -- from six inches or even less in much of New England, to nearly 4 feet tall in lots of Ohio.

So we're home again as of about 10:30 last night. We parked Morty in the driveway, unloaded the refer and a few essentials, and set about catching up with the snail-mail. So it's back to normal for a few more weeks, probably til I head up to Oshkosh to see planes at the end of the month with Morty, and neighbor Bob. Morty need a bath, and a few more enhancements for his next trip.

Thanks to all who provided feedback and your own updates. Keeping in touch was great for us too!

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